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I loved reading Grace’s Veterans and Startups interviews this morning. This series is killing it so far- such an interesting take on small businesses to see not just how they started but how they’re evolving. I loved reading about Sarah and Ruby’s process. 

Growing up I always had a little garden plot next to the house and loved making weird little arrangements to place all around the house. When I visit, even in the winter, my Dad has a little case next to our beds. After working on 28th street (the flower district in New York City) for a year I learned my way around the market by popping in before and after work to check out the scene. It seems extravagant for everyday, but having flowers on the table, in the bathroom, and by the bed makes a tiny Brooklyn apartment feel cozy and festive for a party. If you haven’t been to the flower district in New York here is a handy introduction

Taking a floral class could be fun! Both Stems and Sprout in Brooklyn have workshops if you’re interested. 

flower image / process image 

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